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Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd

Keeping Valuables Secured Since 1989

Beat the price increases in 2024

Prices will increase in tandem with inflation from 1st January 2024. If you are unable to take delivery this year, fret not! Order now to secure this year’s prices, but only take delivery anytime in 2024

World Class!

Diplomat Safes Are World Class

Certified by the government of South Korea in 2002 and 2022.

Solid Fire Safes

Heaviest in its class
Unique RFID feature
Most value for money in Singapore

Safe Selector

Simply input your requirements (safe type, mechanism type, dimensions etc) and a shortlist of suitable models instantly appears!


With 7 brands and more than 150 models, we have safes of different mechanisms and safe types including the most popular fire resistant safes!

Why are we better than other safe companies?

Why us?

Why choose us as your preferred safe supplier?


Fast Delivery

99% of all orders are delivered by our in-house delivery team who can deliver your safe to you between 1-3 working days

The other 1% is for safes that are extra heavy/large or require specialty tools like crane etc to deliver

Rigourously Tested Products

The brands that we carry are widely recognized and are also exported to other countries 

Forwarded Cost Savings

We don’t pay extravagent rental costs in premium locations like shopping malls nor do we pay cut throat comissions to large departmental stores.

Our warehouses and office are purchased and fully paid up. All these results in cost savings for our esteemed customers.

Economies of Scale

Being in business since 1989, we negotiate the best cost prices from our suppliers due to the sheer volume of safes we import. We only import in full container loads meaning shipping cost per safe is lower than anyone else in the industry. All these translates to cost savings for our customers

We Can Repair Safes

We have in-house technicians to service your safe long after its warranty expiry, instead of telling you to throw your safe away and buying a new one.

Sole Agent Status

We are the exclusive, brand-appointed sole agent of Diplomat, Solid, President and Guarda Safes in Singapore.

Even Lower Prices

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Full Range Of Safes

From low to high security safes
From home safes to bank safes
From 5kg to above 1000kg safes 
For storing keys to storing data drives
We have them all

Safe Brands

Safe Types

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