Differences Between Fireproof and Fire Resistant

Fireproof and fire resistant are the 2 terms one might get to see or hear frequently when researching for safes. Is there a difference?

Let’s start with our definition
Fire resistant: the material or product is resistant to fire up to a certain temperature and/or up to a certain duration
Fireproof: the material or product is impervious to fire regardless of temperature and duration

The term ‘fireproof safes’ are wrongfully used by most safe suppliers worldwide and even some manufacturers as there is a temperature or duration threshold for fire. As of now, there is no fireproof safe but only fire resistant safes. Just like 99.99% of watches in the market, they are marked water resistant and not waterproof.

To our knowledge, there are no completely fireproof materials/products but there are waterproof materials like plastic and metal.

If you see the term fireproof safes, they are usually used by companies, who have mistranslated from their native language. The fireproof term is also widely and aggressively used by non-safe specialists.

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