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Why are Safes so expensive?
Safes are far from expensive! There is a saying that ‘a safe is for life’. Safes rarely breaks down over time be it in years or decades. It is a once-off purchase that will be able to last a life-time, passed down from generation to generations. When divided over the course of intended years of usage, it is extremely affordable protecting priceless valuables. For Example: A safe costing $500 upfront to be used for just 15 years. This equates to less than $2.80 per month, and safes can typically last for much longer than the 15 years used in the above calculation.
What does a typical customers put in their safe?
  • Passport
  • Insurance Documents
  • Will
  • Title Deeds
  • Sentimental photos
  • Memory Cards, Thumb Drives
  • Birth Certificate
  • Heirloom
  • Precious Metals and Jewelry

Therefore, a safe is not just about keeping valuables in monetary terms, but also important documents as well as items with sentimental value. If these items are lost, it will either be a hassle and extremely expensive to replace, or near impossible to reacquire.

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