FAQ on Laundry System


FAQ for Laundry System


Q: Why do I need a laundry System?
A: Traditional bamboo poles are heavy to manoveur when loaded with wet laundry. This is especially so in the high rise apartments most of our population is living in. It is not uncommon to read on the news that homemakers/maids falling to their death while hanging their laundry. It is also not uncommon that poles do fall off in an event of strong winds or human misjudgment.

The imminent ageing population suggests that our arms will get weaker as our population grows older and the strenuous daily act of doing our laundry will get more difficult over time.

Lastly, it is a known fact that new homes today are shrinking in size, coupled with rising property prices, space saving gadgets are now essential to our lives.

With Premierz range of laundry systems, the effort needed to do your laundry will be drastically minimized. It also frees up badly needed space for other purposes in your home. Furthermore, the risk of dropping bamboo poles or homemakers falling to their death can be prevented.

Q: Which Premierz Laundry System is best suited for me?

A: Indoor drying: VeriEazy, Excelent, Practikal Laundry Systems
Both indoor and outdoor drying: Smart Lift, Splendour and Magix Laundry Systems

Q: How to replace the remote control battery of VeriEazy?
A: As shown
—————VeriEazy Remote Control Before 2012
VeriEazy Remote Control 2011-2012

—————VeriEazy Remote Control After 2013
VeriEazy Remote Control 2013-

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