Why Premierz range of laundry system?


Why Premierz range of laundry system?

With the imminent ageing population, Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd foresees that there needs to be a change in how we do our laundry. Currently, many homes are still using traditional bamboo sticks which are heavy and requires much effort to move them around. Furthermore, home sizes have dramatically strunk over the years, resulting in the rise of space saving gadgets and products. Laundry systems are no different, therefore, in 2010, Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd rolled out its first laundry systems and have not looked back since. We now have more than 16 laundry systems in our product range to suit the needs of every household. All products are effortless to use and are space saving. More importantly, the systems are practical and relevant to most households today (unless you are using an electricity-consuming dryer).



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