Comfo FX180 (Indent Basis)


External: H1800 x W870 x D880mm
Internal: H1620 x W720 x D510mm
Weight: 2025kg
Capacity: 594L

Comfo FX series comes with Dual Certification by Underwriter’s Laboratory and VdS Schadenverhütung, Comfo is the only brand in the world to do so.
Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL, USA) Rating: UL TL-30×6

VdS Schadenverhütung (VDS, Germany) Rating: VDS EN1143-1 Grade 3

This item is available on an indent basis only (12-16weeks) with some aesthetic customization available, a sample unit is available at our Kaki Bukit Showroom for your assessment of the quality of the product.

Comfo FX Series Safes are extreme burglar resistant safes developed in Taiwan that is certified to one of the highest standards in America and Germany.

Mechanism Options

1) 2 x Combination Dial or
2) 1 x Combination Dial and 1 x Keylock

Color Choice

Black or White
Other colors available for minimum order quantity of 5 units or more

Fire Protection

FX safes are tested to maintain a temperature below 350°F for 2 hours in temperatures of 1275°F. (Paper ignites at about 451°F.) The door closes against an intumescent fire seal that greatly expands with heat, tightly sealing the safe against the intrusion of external heat and oxygen


With 4” (103mm) thickness defensive slab of COMFO “ETB” composite, overall thickness of the door is 7 2/3” (195 mm).
COMFO “ETB” is an extremely hard, high-strength heat-resistant composite containing special metallic reinforcements. It ensures maximum safe-breaking tools such as powerful thermal cutting tools, oxy-acetylene torch, electric or pneumatic percussion drills and all kinds of mechanical tools.
Triple protection is assured by fire-resistant components incorporate with bulking agent, full of granulated Titanite & staggered rebates of double stories strong barrier.
The heavy door is pivoted on a pair of well designed hinge fitted with ball bearing and brass washers to ensure smooth and easy movement.


With 3 1/2” (90mm) thickness defensive slab of COMFO “ETB” composite.
Triangle tempered manganese steel to protect the bolt holes area.
Reinforced iron pillar to protect edges of the safe.
The Fire Seal forms considerably delay the ingress of hot gaseous during a fire.


Delivery can be done within 3 working days or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to make an appointment.
Delivery on Saturday is possible subject to availability
Delivery is to ground level or lift landing access only. Additional cost will be incurred for deliveries not accessible by ground level or lift landing level. If safe has to be placed on a non ground/lift accessible area, the only possibility would be to use a crane to lift it into an opening(i.e. balcony). Please Whatsapp (94561913) or email ( us with more information (pictures from crane's parking location to your balcony access etc) for a quote before ordering.

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