Affordable non-fire resistant steel safes

Premier DP3020C


External: H765 x W505 x D530mm
Weight: 82kg
Capacity: 122L

1 Year

Premier Night Deposit Safe

Premier Night Deposit Safes are designed for cash handling businesses that deals with cash notes, cheques, and coins. Premier Night Deposit Safes offers protection at night when cash is held in retail stores/offices awaiting these assets to be deposited into banks the following morning. 

Safe Feature

Offer the conveniences of immediate cash deposit without opening safe door
Deposit are dropped through a top enevelop slot opening and collected at the bottom at the end of the day or next day when the banks are opened
Anti-fishing property: contents cannot be retrieved by stick or tongs through opening
Thick solid steel construction

Electronic Mechanism

Password can be programmed to your favorite numbers (6 Digits)
Comes with 2 emergency keys
Emergency keys can be used to open the safe if the electronics are faulty or if battery is weak
Operated by 1 pc of 9V battery (included)


Delivery can be done within 3 working days or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to make an appointment.
Delivery on Saturday is possible subject to availability

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