Premium Winder 6+0



Made with Japanese Mabuchi Motor, Grupp Premium Watch Winders allow individual watches to have their own TPD (Turns per day) setting. Also, there is a compartment at the top of the winder ideal for storing accessories such as watch links, cleaning cloth, watch manual etc

Available @ our Kaki Bukit Showroom only

  Specifications Mabuchi Japanese Motor with total silent movement Can hold watches with width up to 47 MM Door sensor to pause operation when door is open Glass front for better view of timepieces
TPD (Turns Per Day) Settings Refer to your watch manual or online resources for the TPD and orientation settings required that is specific to your watch. Grupp Premium Watch Winders consist of 5 TPD Settings 650 TPD – Rotate for 60 seconds and rest for 571 seconds and then repeat 750 TPD – Rotate for 60 seconds and rest for 487 seconds and then repeat 850 TPD – Rotate for 60 seconds and rest for 423 seconds and then repeat 1000 TPD – Rotate for 60 seconds and rest for 350 seconds and then repeat 1950 TPD – Rotate for 60 seconds and rest for 150 seconds and then repeat All TPD settings will run their cycles for 12 hours before resting completely for the next 12hours All TPD settings can set it with clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternating modes. Troubleshoot If your watch displays the wrong time after using the watch winder, do check the TPD settings needed for your watch or increase the TPD setting. Differences between Nexx Winder and Premium Watch Winder Grupp premium watch winder uses Japanese Mabuchi Motor, has TPD specific settings and individual watches can be assigned its individual rotation settings. Please note: Many customers are shocked by the size of watch winders during delivery. Do take note on the dimensions of the product before purchase

Additional information


H31.5 x W34 x D20 (cm)

Watch Capacity

6 Winding

Power Options

AC Adapter Only

Exterior Color

High Gloss Black with Carbon Fibre Patterns

Interior Color

Black Leather


1 Year Warranty

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