Safe Accessories

Securam Fingerprint Lock


➤ UL USA Type 1 Certified High Security Lock
➤ Unlock your safe in 1 second
➤ Register up to 3 different passwords
➤ Register up to 5 fingerprints per password (15 fingerprints total)
➤ Runs on externally replaceable 9v battery
➤ Lock will be frozen for 3mins when 5 incorrect entries are attempted

This Securam Fingerprint lock can be fitted on all Chubb Safes that we carry except for Fire Filing Cabinets RPF series.

Simply place your enrolled fingerprint on the biometric sensor to unlock the safe
Access your safe in 1 second
Lock can be set to dual security mode requiring both fingerprint and password to be presented before it unlocks
5 incorrect code entries will cause the lock to enter Penalty Time where the lock is lock down for a period of 5 minutes. You cannot open the lock during the penalty time period
Securam is an American brand with manufacturing done in China

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