In this article we will be stating some of the reasons you’d want to get a safe box. We hope that this article will streamline your choice in safes and also convince you of the perks of owning a safe.

Protection from accidents and incidents Safe boxes provide an indispensable safety for your important documents/items from accidents like fire! It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you do not have insurance on your premises, but regardless if you are insured or not, it would be best for you to ensure such items are in a safe box. Plus it would give you great peace of mind knowing that your items are safe no matter where you are.

Prevention of Theft

The most well known and respected reason for safe boxes is to prevent theft obviously. With a safe box you’d be able to give access to authorized personnel only by giving them the key or password combination, safeguarding your items from prying hands.

Furthermore, if you were thinking about putting your high value items or important documents in a locked drawer, I’m afraid to tell you that that isn’t safe enough as compared to safe boxes. Drawers even with in built locks are susceptible to crowbar break ins and lockpicking. Safe boxes do not have this drawback as they are protected by complex locking mechanisms which prevents such forced entry and tampering. In addition, safe boxes are made of heavy and sturdy material which makes it hard to carry and break open. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want their valuables stolen I implore you to try and get one of our safes.

Saving Money

Although the safe would be a substantial investment for you, it will save you money in actuality in the long run.

One example is the loss and replacement of business documents, even if the cost is low for such replacements it would definitely be a fair amount of time to re-acquire them. This causes delays in business transactions when the documents are required, especially when the deadlines are close as people usually realise a little too late. Delays such as these cost time and money, which could have been prevented by getting a safe box and securing said documents.

Another example would be the safety of your finances, being able to secure your finances in a safe box from would be robbers or ruined from fire or water is going to be and should be your top judgement in purchasing one of our safes. So take your time and browse our extensive list of safe, and before you know it the safe box would have paid for itself !

The Fire Danger

Fires are one of the most common and dangerous incidents that can break out in a property or premise. In 2020 alone, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responded to another 1877 fire calls which included commercial and industrial property. Fire break-outs are not to be underestimated, they can be large scale and even affect the surrounding vicinity.

While you may be insured against risks such as fires, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Protecting your valuables in a fire resistant safe box would be less risky and more secure as maybe there might be some discrepancies with the insurance and delays hindering you.

With all this in mind, that is why fire resistance safes are one of our top sellers. Especially our “Diplomat” brand as it has the longest duration lasting in constant fire, it was tested and certified in Korea as well as many other countries.


The Criminal Danger

Criminals are out there even if we don’t see them daily, so it’s better to be prepared than to be victimized by one. So in this section we’ll give you some tips on what safe box to purchase as well as how to better secure them in your household or business premise.


If you’re an owner of high end items like jewelry or precious metals then you best be able to leave them some place where no one but you and your most trusted can access. For the items such as these we would recommend high security safes that are heavy so that they are not easily moved and has a durable locking mechanism, if you are looking for a safe of that stature we would recommend the “Chubb safe” brand. Boasting solid locking mechanisms as well as being tough and heavy, this is a great choice for those looking for those features.

A couple of general tips, you’d want to put your safe somewhere away from public sight as well as the furthest place from the entrance of your business or household. And one final tidbit of knowledge is you’d want to do mounting for your safe. If you don’t know what that is, it is the process where screws are used to secure it to a wall or floor, this makes it so no one can take the safe to another place to be tampered with. We highly recommend mounting for small safes, but if your safe is above about 80kg then you possibly can do without it but we still recommend that you do regardless as it adds another layer of security.


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