Tips to keep your home safe and secured!

Here are some measures you can take to avoid falling victim to housebreaking.

How It Can Happen

Forcing open windows, grille gates or doors.
Cutting padlocks, iron grilles or wire mesh.
Gaining entry through the refuse chute, false ceiling or ventilation openings.
Gaining entry through an unoccupied neighbouring unit / shop.

Physical Protection

Main doors should be of solid construction and fitted with a good quality mortise lock with dead bolting feature (where a key is needed to lock and unlock the door).
Reinforce all doors with iron grille gates together with a metal clasp and a close-shackle padlock.
Install hinge bolts or weld the hinges of grille gates to prevent lifting.
Fix a door viewer, latch chain and surface latches on the main doors.
Install iron grilles with good quality key-operated locks for all windows.

Preventive Measures

Lock all the doors and windows when leaving your home unattended, even for a short while.
Do not hide keys under the door mat, in a flowerpot or on top of the electricity meter box outside the house.
Do not leave notes outside your house announcing absence from home.
Suspend or cancel all home deliveries (e.g. newspapers) when you are away from home. Otherwise, arrange to have someone pick up your newspapers or mail that are left on your doorstep.
Change all locks when your house keys are lost or stolen.
Ask your immediate neighbours to keep an eye on your house for any unusual occurrences.
Let your neighbours know that you are going to be away, the duration of your absence and how you can be contacted if necessary.

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