“Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd” has streamlined their model and type selections to the very best on the market, leaving you with the easy choice of just picking one for your household or business. So without further adieu, here are the top 5 reliable safe types in Singapore by  “Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd”.

1.Diplomat Combination Dial & Key Fire Resistant Safe


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Now if you’re talking reliability, there is an old adage that says “though the more things change, the more they stay the same”, and that is no more turer then our “Diplomat Combination Dial & Key Fire Resistant Safe” models, you’ll find its various models to fit in a variety of places from households to your officers/business. It offers the most traditional and mechanical way of opening a safe. Now some of you reading this might be thinking “hey this can’t be reliable since it’s been around for so long, there’s definitely a technique to open them nowadays”. Well then let me be the first to tell you that that’s where you’re wrong! These kinds of safes are extremely reliable and still exist till this day, with more than a century of innovation on their design and technology, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone able to break into these bad boys ! Now we can’t get into specifics as it’s a trade secret how they’re made nowadays but that only furthers their security.  Now another feature of the “Diplomat Combination Dial & Key Fire Resistant Safe” models, if you couldn’t guess from its name is that you’d need to have the key and the combination in mind to open these safes, they will not open if you are missing either of these! Also another tip bit is that Combination codes are fixed and unique to each safe. So in conclusion. Pros
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • High safety
  • Combination codes are fixed

2.Diplomat Electronic Fire Resistant Safe


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Our “Diplomat Electronic Fire resistant Safe” is the perfect blend of the modern technological time we are in, and the old comfort that your valuables are safe within its hardened fire resistant construct. However one extreme downside is that it is still an electronic device therefore vulnerability is inevitable. With it being electronic your password can be easily programmed but it must be 4-16 digits, and with it being electronic you’re gonna have to power it through 4AA Batteries which are changed from the outside so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out that way in case you’re wondering. Another good point of electronic safes is the amount of safety measures it has. For example they have a built-in alarm that can be enabled to sound when the safe is vibrated or tilted at more than 45 degrees! As well as the classic 5 password attempts and your locked out function. Now if you feel that it isn’t enough there is an option for you to add an additional layer of security by adding a key locking mechanism in addition to the electronic lock in place, but keep in mind with this addition you are required to have both to open your safe. All this in mind there is still one more cherry on the top, where a special mode called “Dual authentication” mode can be enabled to use 2 different codes held by 2 different users to open the safe, this is only available for electronic safes. So in conclusion. Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Password can be changed easily
  • Variety of security
  • Vulnerable if consistent password sharing
  • Electronic vulnerability to water

3.Solid Electronic Fire Resistant Safe


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Mmm the “Solid Electronic Fire Resistant Safe” one look and you can already tell this isn’t our regular diplomat, we know what your thinking, your thinking “why should I care about the silver surfer variant of the diplomat” well for one good joke but here’s the difference and why you should still give a gander at this type. For one “Solid’s” safes are 25% to 35% heavier than every other fire resistant safe in its class and that’s attributed to its thicker walls and door construction making it more secure. However this attribute has the unfortunate and obvious downside and that is more metal=more money. Therefore as a result of its increased cost it has made it a not so popular choice among customers. A second reason for your discerning eyes is that the Solid Electronic Fire Resistant Safe” models come with an RFID(radio-frequency identification) key which enables you future owners to quickly open the safe with a tap of an RFID tag, bypassing the need to enter the password, ensuring a quick and convenient access, as well as programmable password of 1-15 digits. And the third and final reason as well as a negative, the safes are equipped with 2 ways of solid locking bolts that prevents doors from being pried open when fortified hinges are forcefully cut, Good precision fitting between body frames also provides door airtight construction. But the caveat to this type is that its electronics, and electronics are vulnerable to damage from water. So if you’re planning to buy this safe model please keep that in mine and keep them in a dry place. So in conclusion. Pros
  • Easy to use
  • RFID access
  • Solid locking bolts
  • Electronic vulnerability to water
  • Vulnerable if consistent password sharing
  • Vulnerable if RFID tag is missing

4.Chubb Mini Banker Fire Resistant Safe


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The “Chubb Mini Banker Fire Resistant Safe” if you’ve ever been on the opposite side of a money changer counter in Singapore you’d definitely find a Chubb safe below there. Recognized as a favorite safe for money changers in Singapore, our  “Chubb Mini Banker Fire Resistant Safe” are high-security safes designed to be extremely heavy and secure. Similar to our 1st choice “diplomat” safes, “Chubb Mini Banker Fire Resistant Safe” also uses a combination and key system. Meaning that if you wanna open it your gonna need both to unlock it, however unlike “diplomat” safes “Chubb” safes has an option to leave the key system unlocked permanently so you only need the combination code, and the combination code is changeable but only up to 3 sets of 2 digit codes. Now in my option why would you want to not have the key system unlocked? That’s just another great layer of security left unused, however if you want more ease of use in unlocking your “Chubb” safe, you’ll be glad to know that there is an option to completely replace the Combination system for an electronic lock instead. With all of that in mind let me tell you the durable construction of “Chubb Mini Banker Fire Resistant Safe”, the main body has an effective 65mm barrier thickness of steel, all welded throughout to form a single unit and filled with Chubbsafes F60 specially formulated barrier material. The door is a veritable fort knox of 88m thickness of which 9mm is a solid steel plate, all of that metal is secured together with a 25mm full length docking bolt at the back edges of the door. So in conclusion. Pros
  • High Security
  • Customizable locking system
  • Preferred choice for money changers
  • Safe makers since 1835
  • Electronic vulnerability to water( If changed to electronic option)
  • Mostly not for household(Big and heavy)

5.Premier Electronic Safe


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The “Premier Electronic Safe” is by far our smallest safe type we have on this top 5 list, and that is because “Premier” focuses on lighter/smaller designs that are budget friendly for basic home use, hotels or any small room function that you’d need a small safe for. One addition that “Premier” has over the other types is that Pre-drilled mounting holes and anchor bolts are provided to allow mounting on the wall and floor. Being small has its downsides, “Premier” safes almost always want you to mount your safe to a wall or floor, so much so that each purchase will come with screws to help your mounting. This is because they are extremely light for safes, at their cheapest and smallest model( shown in the picture above) it just stands at 17cm and weighs at 5kg only, so you can imagine it wouldn’t be hard for someone to just pick it up and walk away. However that could be seen as a positive as well as it makes the safe portable, and the same goes for mounting being seen as a negative, you’ll need to find a space and mount it, this could be hard for someone not proficient in this area of expertise, but don’t fret we at Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd” provide services for that. Majority of “Premier” safes are electronic, but other than being able to program your own passwords, another unique part of this type is that they have emergency keys! Which can be used if the electronics are faulty or the battery is weak. In terms of design “Premier” safes have its focus on small valuable items more so than the other types on the top 5 list, this can be seen from the felt padding on majority of their safes to protect delicate items. So in conclusion. Pros
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and anchor bolts
  • Small and light
  • Emergency keys
  • Electronic vulnerability to water( If electronic)
  • Easily taken whole if not mounted
That’s it that’s our Top 5 Reliable Safe Types In Singapore, we hope this list helps you find the safe for your needs. If you’ve got any more questions you can always call us at 6746 6838 or shoot us a message at our various social accounts or email, just search Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd and your on your way.

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