1. Big Brands Only!

We only carry brands that are widely recognized and exported to other countries. The advantage our consumers enjoy is a rigorously-tested product, that meets different/multiple government importation guidelines outside Singapore (I.e. CE certification is required when exporting to European countries and USA).

The main problem is that many safes sold in Singapore are white-labeled products that does not even go through basic fire-resistant testing/certifications which may cost consumers dearly when disaster strikes (fire penetration into an untested ‘fire-resistant/fireproof safe’ or post-disaster insurance claims).

Another advantage of a ‘big’ brand for customers relocating our safes overseas is that, they may be able to obtain parts and support (at a cost) from the brand’s local agent as our brands are exported worldwide. Likewise, we will be able to service and repair our brand of safes even when it was purchased overseas (at the same cost as an out of warranty locally purchased product).

2. Direct Agent Sales
We are the Appointed Sole Agent (Diplomat, Solid, Guarda, President and Comfo Safe) by multiple safe brands for the Singapore market since 1989. Customers are at liberty to contact us directly for any queries, be it sales or service. This is as opposed to buying from a 3rd party, where customers have difficulty seeking assistance long after the purchase has been made. We are able to offer excellent after sales service to our valued customers. Customers can have peace of mind that every safe that is delivered to our customer are backed by our decades in safe experience and after-sales support! Furthermore, as a direct agent selling you the product, there are no 3rd party (hardware store/supermarkets etc) fees hence we are able to offer the lowest price possible when compared to a similar quality product.

3. Comprehensive Display Showroom
Unlike online stores selling safes by websites or brochures, we have 2 brick and mortar outlets showcasing our full range of safes for your selection. Each outlet is stocked up with more than 70 physical models of sample displays. Our brands include Diplomat, Chubb, Solid, Premier, Guarda, President and Comfo safes. Customers can take their time to view, feel, analyze and make comparisons before making informed decisions on the selections. We can also give a run down on the various features and a demonstration on the operating procedures.

 4. Fast Delivery
We are able to fulfil sales order within 1 to 3 working days as all stocks are picked up from our own storage warehouses. We do not travel to another locality to pick up goods to deliver nor do we have to wait for suppliers to bring the goods to our office for onward delivery to our customers.

5. Full Range Of Safes
To cater to the varied needs of each individual customer, we import a comprehensive range of safes, from low, medium to high end security safes. Be it just for storage of small amount of petty cash, premium decorative safes to the high end precious gold ornaments storage, we have the RIGHT safe for the RIGHT usage. A very common misconception with customers is that all safes offer the same protection, which is absolutely not true. Some are more burglar resistant than others, likewise for fire resistance. Safes sold at supermarkets or hardware stores are typically entry level for low security purposes only.

6. Ease Of Payment
We accept a wide range of payment methods. Customers can pay by Visa/Master on this website or Visa/Master/Amex/Maybank Credit Card 0% Installments in store! Customers may choose to pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or Paynow upon delivery.

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