Why keeping valuables in a safe is important in Singapore!

3 reasons why a safe is so important.

2019 Fire Statistics

Fact: SCDF received 1168 fire calls for residential and 496 for non-residential premises. This is an average of more than 4 cases in a day.
With the rise of self-imported electronic gadgets by both businesses and individuals, there are plenty of questionable electronic products in the aspects of safety. Our recommendation would be to avoid any electronics made by an unknown manufacturer that includes a built-in battery. For example, there were 102 cases of fire which originated from PMDs in 2019.

2019 Housebreaking Statistics

Fact: Singapore Police Force attended to 291 cases of housebreaking in 2019, an average of more than 1 case every other day.
Housebreaking cases has been on a decline in the last decade (706 reported cases in 2011), predominantly due to the rise of online scams in our opinion. However, housebreaking can happen to any household and it is a good idea to keep your home locked at all times, even when there are family members at home.


Fact: Singapore’s passport is one of the world’s most powerful and commands at least a 5 digit value in the black market ($30,000 to $50,000 figure reported by ASIAONE).
A Singapore passport costs up to $100 to replace locally but there is the hassle of making a police report and completing paperwork.


A safe is not just for storing valuables with a monetary value, it is also a product used to store items of sentimental value (like photos, an old watch etc) and items that are a hassle to replace (like passports, wills and birth certificate)

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